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Vision and Mission

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REGISTRATION FOR NURSERY: 2021-22 DATES FOR REGISTRATION: SIBLINGS: 07 DECEMBER 2020 from 9.00 a.m. GENERAL: 12 DECEMBER 2020 from 9.00 a.m. Please Read the Instructions Carefully Registration process is to be completed ONLINE. This year registration and admission to the Nursery are on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. Only limited number of Registration forms are available. Once the available number of seats have been filled YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO FILL THE FORMS. There is NO LOT FOR NURSERY ADMISSION this year. Those who have successfully completed Registration are eligible for admission if the given details of the child fulfill the requirements. For registration, please log on to www.mcspalampur.in and click on the REGISTRATION Tab and fill up the Registration Form carefully. You need to upload a copy of the original Date of Birth Certificate and a Passport size Photo of the child while filling the form. After filling and submitting the form pay link will appear on screen please CLICK ON THE BANK LINK and pay Rs.5500/- as fees. Of these, Rs. 500/- is the non-refundable registration fees, and the remaining amount, Rs.5000/-, will be adjusted in the admission fees. (Total Admission Amount is Rs. 18000/-) After paying the fees, please upload a screen-shot/photo of the payment details. If you fail to submit the fee details within 30 minutes, the form will be refreshed automatically and your registration will be aborted. If it happens so, you can start again using the same payment details, IF REGISTRATION FORMS ARE AVAILABLE. There are 30 seats in the WAITING LIST. They need not pay any fees at the time of registration. ADMISSION IS NOT GUARANTEED TO WAITLISTED CANDIDATES. If seats become available due to one reason or the other, they will be informed of it according to the sequence Fee, once paid, is not refundable. Parents who have not paid the fees of their wards will not be eligible for SIBLING’S REGISTRATION AND ADMISSION. Minimum age required for registration is 3 years as on 1 April 2021. Hence, children born between 01 APRIL 2017 AND 31 March 2018 ONLY will be eligible for registration. The system will not accept any date outside this limit. 50% of seats are reserved for girls out of total seats available.

Vision and Mission

Carmel means an orchard or garden-land. As a proper name ‘Mount Carmel’ designates a well-known mountain ridge overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Israel. Due to its panoramic vista and luxuriant vegetation prophets of the Bible saw an image of God’s beauty in it and took it as a sign of God’s Love and blessings for His people. It is here on this Mount that the great Prophet Elijah established the worship of one, true God and meted out justice to the oppressed people. It is also on this Mount that the Carmelite order, a Religious Congregation in the Catholic Church, had its origin. The members of this order, imbibing the spirit of the great prophets, dedicate themselves to the service of humanity. Mount Carmel School is as expression of these values.

Mount Carmel School, Thakurdwara, Palampur is an educational Institution run by the Catholic Minority Community and affiliated to “Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination”

It imparts education to students from Nursery to XII Through the COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS


Mount Carmel School, Palampur, is a co-educational school open to students of all castes and creeds and it upholds up the motto “TRUTH LIBERATES YOU.” The school shows the path to TRUTH. Jesus, the great teacher, emphasized in his teaching, “I am the Truth.” Ultimately ‘the Truth’ will liberate us from all sorts of bondages and set us free.


The aim of the school is to impart quality education designed for the all round development of the child. The students will be prepared for their future by a careful cultivation of their minds and hearts. Children will be enlightened intellectually, morally, socially, professionally and spiritually. Special emphasis is given to the practice of natural virtues like truthfulness, honesty, politeness, simplicity, self discipline and orderliness.

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